I’m Erwan MELLEC


Playing accordion is my job and my passion, and i have the chance to play my music around the world.

I'm passionate about music, and i really believe accordion is an amazing and modern one. I'm not really an ordinary player, i love to play in my own way.
I love playing Jazz, Gospel, hip hop and many more styles ^^
And yeah, each day i'm looking for new creative ways.


Every weeks i'm creating new contents in order to improve your playing.

On my Patreon, i create new video contents every week, and each month i give 3 online workshops (1 in french, and 2 in english) where it's possible to communicate with you. The topics are very various, the goal is to bring you interesting and modern point of views with the accordion.

In fact, i don't wanna be a traditionnal teacher. I'm definitely a self-taught guy, and i really want to communicate the ideas that I've found over the years. We're gonna talk about rhythm, harmony, improvisation, and tips n' tricks.

I also give private lessons, in this way i can help you to improve your playing in details. I really hope you will become a part of my community, it will be a pleasure to share my passion with you !

MyAlbum Is Here !

  • Handcrafted CD pack of Circles + Digital scores

J'ai toujours vu la musique comme un moyen d'expression évident et naturel. Ici j'ai réuni mes couleurs préférées pour en faire un beau dessin en musique, alors j'espère sincèrement que cela te plaira et que tu appréciera le tableau. Pour cette occasion je me suis amusé à inventer la musique que j'aimerais entendre jouée par un accordéon, j'ai mélangé tout ce que j'aime : Jazz, Gospel, Blues et hip hop. Au fait, j'ai imaginé, composé et fabriqué tout ça depuis ma chambre, car la musique reste la meilleure manière de voyager : les pieds sur terre mais la tête dans les nuages.

I've always seen music as an obvious and natural way of expression. Here I put my favorite colors to make a beautiful drawing in music, so I sincerely hope that you will appreciate the painting. For this occasion I had fun inventing the music I would like to hear played by an accordion, so I mixed everything I like: Jazz, Gospel, Blues and hip-hop. By the way, I imagined, composed and made all this from my bedroom, because music remains the best way to travel: feet on the ground but head in the clouds.


Discover me through some videos =)


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If you need any informations about the lessons or the concerts... Don't hesitate.