I’m Erwan MELLEC


Playing accordion is my job and my passion, and i have the chance to play my music around the world.

I'm passionate about music, and i really believe accordion is an amazing and modern one. I'm not really an ordinary player, i love to play in my own way.
I love playing Jazz, Gospel, hip hop and many more styles ^^
And yeah, each day i'm looking for new creative ways.


Every weeks i'm creating new contents in order to improve your playing.

On my Patreon, i create new video contents every week, and each month i give 3 online workshops (1 in french, and 2 in english) where it's possible to communicate with you. The topics are very various, the goal is to bring you interesting and modern point of views with the accordion.

In fact, i don't wanna be a traditionnal teacher. I'm definitely a self-taught guy, and i really want to communicate the ideas that I've found over the years. We're gonna talk about rhythm, harmony, improvisation, and tips n' tricks.

I also give private lessons, in this way i can help you to improve your playing in details. I really hope you will become a part of my community, it will be a pleasure to share my passion with you !


Discover me through some videos =)


If you want to contact me, you're in the right place !

If you need any informations about the lessons or the concerts... Don't hesitate.